Why choose us?
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We understand your business

The number 1 reason to choose HiCloud Accounting is our commitment to understanding your business. We firmly believe that this is a critical first step in helping you achieve your goals. At the beginning of every new client relationship we take the time to truly understand your business operations, your business vision, your exit strategy, and your personal financial goals.


Innovative Cloud Solutions

We offer a choice of cloud accounting software to suit your business. Quickbooks and ProCloud enable you to access your accounts, invoice customers, do automatic bank feeds and track cashflow 24/7, from any device.
Our simple but powerful solution provides you with the flexibility that you need to make sure that you can stay up to date with your finances from anywhere at any time.

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Our proactive approach

We believe that we can add the greatest value to our clients’ business by being proactive. At HiCloud Accounting we use a combination of the latest technology and our accounting expertise to streamline our processes.
Cost saving. If you currently have a bookkeeper we can guarantee that we are more efficient and more experienced in what we do. Giving you the complete cost saving package as our account managers will give you cash saving tax advice and other money saving tips for your business. Curious to find out how much you could save with HiCloud?


Personal and tailored service

Our mission is to help you define and achieve success. Cutting out all the jargon and providing a personal accounting service. Paying no more tax than you need to, keep more cash in your pocket and stay on top of your business finances.

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Techonology focussed

We believe that taking advantage of new technology is one of the keys to business success. We continually research and implement new technology for our business and identify technology solutions for our clients. Cloud accounting enables you to focus on growing your business. Our simple online software allows you to send invoices, receipts and payments seamlessly, wherever and whenever you desire. There is no need to wait for your accounts to be sent and processed. You can submit your business documents instantly, freeing up more time for you to spend at your leisure.


Our focus on client development

We are committed to helping our clients through education. We take the time to explain financial statements and are always available to answer any bookkeeping, accounting or tax question to improve your understanding of the information which you need to drive your business forward.


We are small business experts

Not only are we experts in bookkeeping and accounting, we’ve also started and successfully run our own small businesses. We know first-hand about the business issues that clients face. We are focused on using our collective expertise and years of experience to help our clients solve their accounting, tax and business management challenges.

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